While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold rapidly, information and resources are critical for entertainers and instructors such ourselves.  We've compiled a list of some resources that we researched and found to be really helpful to us dance professionals here in Virginia. 


I'm sure many of you have seen resource lists for other artists (actors, musicians, singers, etc) in much larger, major cities,  but this list is practical and provides several types of resources within reasonable timing that includes (if not specifically for) dancers.

ActorsFund.org - Don't let the title fool you!  They provide a safety net for all performing arts and entertainment professionals.  Services include emergency financial assistance, affordable housing, health care, insurance counseling and more.

AGMA Relief Fund - As of this past Monday, their AGMA relief fund was temporarily doubled to aid entertainers.  Grants are awarded on a monthly basis.

Foundation for Contemporary Arts - provides emergency grants for visual and performing artists.  Offers assistance for 12-15 people on a monthly basis in the amount of $500-$2500.

Unemployment may be an option - If you have lost your dance job and/or dance residency during COVID-19 Closures, you can file for unemployment insurance.  Call 1-866-832-2363 or bit.ly/VAunemployment 

Dance Studio Owners: 9 Ways to Keep Your Recital on Track in Spite of Conronavirus Outbreak - This may be helpful, it may just bring you a little peace knowing you're on the right track, if you've already thought of these ideas.  Either way, it's worth the read.

Take Care of Yourselves Mentally Too - This was a great toolkit we found with resources for your mental health.  It includes meditations, Xeneophobia tips, Tips for parent dancers, everything!  Definitely worth checking out.  

@DancingAloneTogether - And of course, there's a trillion online classes being taught by dance professionals that we normally aren't exposed to here in Richmond.  This instagram page has collected all of the online classes and placed them in one central hub for us.  Take advantage of these classes to keep our bodies in shape and/or watch to gain instructional tips and choreographic inspirations.


We'll also be posting these on our social media (@studio4danceagency) and plan on adding to the list as more resources become available.  If you come across anything that is helpful specifically for us dance professionals, please let us know!



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